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Pasta e Fagioli e Focaccia

March 18, 2010

I tend to gripe about Daylight Savings Time on Sunday when I’ve lost a precious hour of my weekend (why can’t we spring ahead Monday afternoon at about 3:59?) but this year the time change has coincided with a shift in the weather. Not only does spring finally feel like it has arrived but after work with the sun streaming into the kitchen and the deck door open, summer doesn’t seem that far off either. I can actually finish making dinner before the sun goes down which means food photos don’t have that depressing artificial light pallor to them. Hurray for spring and to celebrate, recipes of course.

Neither of these recipes are mine and I’m afraid they might not be terribly authentic but they were delicious nonetheless. The soup is an old “keeper” and the focaccia was a first try from the night before crisped up in the oven for round two. I’ve been on a bread baking kick once again and I’m finding new variations on the no knead method. This no knead focaccia turned out well and with all the ingredients in hand it was a snap to put together. I used pan roasted garlic, chopped parsley, kosher salt and olive oil for the top.

Pasta e fagioli I tweak this recipe a bit by using just 1/2 a pound spicy breakfast turkey sausage, a 28 oz can of diced tomatoes and small shell pasta because I can never find ditalini.

Focaccia I love foreign recipes because they include weight measurements for baking which is really much easier (and kitchen scales aren’t expensive but are immensely handy) but here is the recipe on another blog with lots of pictures (and lots of scrolling).

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