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Spicy Cauliflower Soup

October 26, 2009


from Alice Waters’ Art of Simple Food via The Daily Green

Disclaimer: Dwindling daylight hours, gloomy weather and supreme laziness have conspired to make the following posts picture free. Both recipes however produced soups made out of near white ingredients producing off white and turmeric tinted soups so you’re really not missing much.

I occasionally make purchases at my local co-op that have my cheeks burning with shame at the checkout. The large cauliflower I bought to make this recipe was one of them. It cost me $9.29. That’s nearly $10 for a cauliflower! Even the checkout woman rescanned just to make sure it hadn’t been an error. A plain, white cauliflower not a heirloom variety or one with really cool geometric florets. However, I am Scandinavian and it is not in my nature to express emotion so I politely paid, exited the store and did some serious soul searching on the walk home.

“Am I a yuppy?” I asked myself. I’ve always thought yuppies were of an older generation and I don’t drive a Volvo but I do listen to NPR. Am I so obsessed with emulating an alternative culture contrary to mainstream Nascar watching, birther believing, American cheese eating… that I’m willing to pay a higher price to define myself as a member of the liberal other?

Or, maybe I’m just cheap and resent paying a price that more accurately reflects the true costs of energy, labor, and transportation required to supply me with the cauliflower I needed to make soup. I did after all feel better after I had rationalized the expense into a tidy $1.55 per serving.

All of this leads me to just one more thought, soup is good for anxious people and this soup was so delicious and satisfying upon the first taste that I thought the cauliflower was more than worth the $9.29, well, almost.

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