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Worst. Vegan. Cookbook. Ever.

October 8, 2009



The only vegan cookbook my public library has is The Vegan Cook’s Bible. Sounds authoritative doesn’t it? Perhaps the only cookbook you could ever need. The first 120 pages are devoted to the properties and nutritional benefits of fruits, vegetables, nuts, legumes, herbs, etc. Nothing earth shattering. Natural foods are good for you, go figure. But did you know you should also eat cold water fish such as cod, sardines, and salmon for good health? (Pause to flip back to the cover, The Vegan Cook’s Bible, hmm)

The author is not vegan and while that isn’t enough to prejudice me against her book the recipes are the final straw. Nothing looked appetizing and the ingredient combinations often seemed bizarre. I had nearly all of the ingredients on hand so I tried the Sweet Potato Curried Cauliflower soup. I left out the dates and substituted minced ginger for candied (I didn’t want a sweet soup) and the result was less than spectacular. The spices were overpowering and yet the whole thing fell flat. With the multitude of (great) vegan cookbooks on the market today you’ll be wise to skip this one.

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  1. October 8, 2009 7:53 pm

    Yeah. I think it’s super disrespectful to label something The Vegan Cook’s Bible and talk about fish on multiple occasions.

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