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Oh boy, here we go…

September 30, 2009


Vegan Mo Fo, that is, the third annual Vegan Month of Food, begins tomorrow. Modeled on the National Novel Writing Month (NaNOWriMo) it is a community challenge to post on one’s respective blog on topics of vegan cooking and eating. I’ve never participated in something like this before and a project that would effectively double the posts on my year and a half old blog is a little daunting to say the least.

First, I must confess that I’m not a vegan, in fact, I am semi-vegetarian at best. Once upon a time (college), I was a vegan and with the exception of the social challenges the diet presented it was a happy, healthy time in my life that I would love to return to. I ate more fruits and vegetables (and really enjoyed, even craved them), I could run miles upon miles, I felt more flexible, even my eyes were bluer. Vanity aside, the ethical and environmental issues of being an omnivore have been weighing on me more and more. With each semi load of chickens that passes my office window on the way to the processing plant and each report of climate change increasing I feel the need to do my part and eat a diet that acknowledges our effect on the world and on other living beings.

I’d like this challenge to be the springboard to go vegan once again knowing that I’m armed with the recipes, tools, and tricks to maintain the diet as an adult with a job and a husband, not just a term paper due and a cafeteria with frozen vegan meals. This month my goal is to try a lot of new recipes, new products, and cooking techniques and at the end of the month have a solid repertoire of recipes both my omnivorous husband and I can enjoy. I’m also looking forward to participating in the larger blog community and collecting oodles of bookmarked recipes to try.

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