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September 2, 2008

This weekend C’s parents came down for a visit and on Saturday morning C and his dad went out and got two loads of firewood and stacked it neatly in our lean-to. I suppose it’s a man thing, but C was pleased and proud. I felt the same way on Monday as I lined up my foil wrapped packages for a photo op. I had Labor Day off and I decided for a holiday project to cook, a lot. I found a collection of freezable recipes on and went at it from about 5:30 am to 2 pm when I scrubbed the last counter (relatively) clean.

But was all the effort worth it? Let me tell you, this evening was a revelation. First of all, there was no worrying the last hour of work about what could be thrown together. I got home, nuked some frozen enchilada sauce and preheated the oven. C and I talked about our day, lamented the state of politics, and had a drink. The enchiladas baked and when they were done we ate them, I put our two plates and two forks in the dishwasher and recycled the disposable baking pan. That was it. I may now have enough time to take over the world…or have another glass of wine and watch two episodes of Mad Men. I’m thinking about acquiring a chest freezer now, with enough freezer space I’ll only have to cook once every 3 months! Woohahaha

  1. Mini Meatballs
  2. Basil Pesto
  3. Bean Burritos
  4. Vegetable Enchiladas
  5. Lasagna Primavera
  6. Pastitsio
  7. Taco Filling
  8. Spinach Pie
  9. Pizza Dough
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