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One From The Book: Mediterranean Chickpea Salad

April 27, 2008

from How To Eat Supper

Have you ever been scared to add an ingredient? It wasn’t a matter of disliking the taste, it was just the uncertainty. Oh the uncertainty! Will it ruin my perfectly good salad? Must I do it? I didn’t, but now I’m wondering, what if I had?

The ingredient in question was orange zest. I was directd to grate the zest from one quarter of an organic orange* over the salad and allowing any oil from the orange skin to drip on to the salad.

Maybe next time.

On a side note: The organic cherry tomatoes were delicious. They actually tasted like tomatoes from Mom’s garden. I’d read that in the off season cherry tomatoes are your best bet but I couldn’t believe it. We were actually popping them in to our mouths like grapes!

Rating: can’t go wrong

*I’m too poor/cheap to eat only organic produce but I do agree that zest: lemon, lime you name it, should be organic.

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